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Best Practise Manual Essay

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Best Practice Manual for Supervisors
This manual is intended to help new supervisors with knowing what is needed to be done within the company. It is set up to show them how to implement and maintain the best work place and programs as is necessary in supervisory responsibilities. This manual is aimed at turning the prevailing and standards and ethics into practical and profitable so that objectives of the organization may best be achieved.

1. Demonstrating Communication Skills.
When being a supervisor or manager communication is a key role in everything that is done within the company. Supervisors must pay particular attention to building effective and efficient communication ...view middle of the document...

In doing so it can help a supervisor build a relationship with their employee which in return will increase the productivity of the company.
 A supervisor should be polite and courteous with all employees, more so when they are doing so on the telephone.
 Written communication can be in the form of a letter, email, memos, and bulletin board postings.
 When using written communication things should be explanatory and clear and should also be written using appropriate words. It also should be easy to read.
 All information should be verified so it is accurate.
 Written form should also be free of grammatical errors and also have good language.
2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
Having an effective orientation and training program for new employees is essential for a company to keep up and to even increase productivity. In training and orientation the new employees it will help them integrate with other employees and also with the company. Training and orientation also helps to manage performance and retain good employees.
 When doing orientation one person should be in charge of orientating new employees. This should be a supervisor or someone else that the supervisor deems suitable to orientate the new employees.
 New employees should be told clearly what is excerpted from them and the nature and duties of the job they will be doing.
 When orientating new employees they should feel encouraged to ask questions if they are unclear of anything that is happening during orientation.
 During orientation employees should be told about their pay and some of the perks of the job.
 Going over privileges during orientation is also important, this means going over medical insurance packages, pension plans, travel information if the job requires that the new employee to travel for work.
 Supervisors need to go over the employee handbook during orientation as well. This will let the new employees know the rules and regulations that the company has in place. This is also a good time for new employees to ask questions about things that are in the handbook.
 When training new employees a skill level should be evaluated.
 During training one thing that needs to be gone over in depth is the new technology. This is done because technology changes so much that one may not know or understand it.
 When doing hands on training task and skills should be demonstrated properly so that the new employee understand and knows what he or she is doing.
 The trainers that are picked to do the training of the new employees should be done so carefully. Because the new employees need to be trained right the first time in order for things to run smoothly.
 Training programs should be evaluated periodically to make sure they are up to date, and to make changes when required.
3. Improving Productivity for Teams
Many companies these days are having to compete with international companies and organizations. With...

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