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Best Practices For Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Best Practices for Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Dana Atchley
Keller Graduate School
There are several means for measuring customer satisfaction including surveys, focus groups, complaints analysis and user groups. Research of top companies around the world seems to suggest that the customer survey method is used more often than any other. There can be problems with data collection and analysis from surveys but technology is improving the measurement of data (Oakland, Beardmore, 1995). We now have computer software to take data, analyze and distribute results. This may be more accurate in reporting the statistics reducing human error, but the survey has to be ...view middle of the document...

com, 2007).
Focus groups can be used to measure customer satisfaction by gathering customers in groups to discuss their complaints as well as new ideas for improvement. This method uses the perspective of ‘listening to the customer’. One obstacle in this method is low participation and time constraints.
Customer complaint analysis is a useful tactic of measuring customer satisfaction. The use of the CRM system gives customers the opportunity to launch complaints using computer software and the option of monitoring the corrective actions taken by the organization to resolve that complaint. This system can monitor percentages of complaints filed by different customers and analyzing the statistical data. Some companies feel that measuring complaints only captures negative perspectives and causes customers to become “unacceptably dissatisfied” (Oakland, Beardmore, 1995). This is considered to be a reactive approach and most organizations do not use this method alone.
Types of Industries
From service industries to manufacturing, all have similar methods for capturing customer satisfaction. Each industry customizes these methods to their specific type of business. They may use more...

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