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Best Part Of Myself Essay

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The Best Part of Me
            There is not enough time in my life to write about the person who had the greatest influence in my life.  As I write this paper, it’s as if my entire life is flashing in front of my face.  I feel I’m frozen in time:  scenes of my fondest memories of my mother playing in my mind but in slow motion. I  see her vividly  she is walking by swiftly in her rose colored house dress, brown slightly worn shoes, the aroma of Maxwell house coffee perking, and the scent of crispy bacon sizzling in the skillet, all reminding me of those early morning winter days  in Ohio, bitter cold but warm at the same time surrounded in so much love.
My mother, ...view middle of the document...

  During that intense moment, I saw my mother give her the same unwavering support and love she had so often given me.  Jackie often speaks about the moment of “breakthrough” for her and how my mother at that very moment gave to her the missing part of connect her mother was unable to give. Jackie has spoke very openly on many occasions about how she has patterned her love and respect for her children that my mother gave to her.  Today, Jackie has 6 children and 4 grandchildren and said it was my mother’s love, support and listening ear that made her be the mother she is to her children. 
My mother was  very protective she  did not allow me to walk uptown with my friends, and when she did she would walk along side me and  make sure I  looked both ways before crossing the street.  She was very cautious and very selective of whom my friend’s were, and anyone she was not comfortable with, I could pretty much not be around.  I’m not sure if she was this way because I was the youngest of 4 children or because my parents were near 40 years old when I was born.  There is a 10 year gap between my oldest brother and me.  I grew up with my brother’s oldest son and oldest daughter.  They were more like my siblings than my nephew and my niece.  My mother was not a domineering person; she was just protective, concerned and worried about us. Her presence in my life was very strong and very real.   
I can remember a time when I was in high school.  I attended vocational school my junior and senior year.  I had some very fun loving, crazy, risky friends okay, and we were in high school, the height of jumping into the “real world”.  I can remember coming to school on Monday mornings and listening   to all the stuff Tammy, Jennifer and Debbie would tell Phyllis and me that they did over the weekend, hanging out with their boyfriends, sneaking off to a quiet spot, laying back in Todd’s 1975 brown Mustang making out, smoking, drinking, coping a slight buzz off a joint, and all the wild sex they were having.  Phyllis and I looked in amazement saying to one another, “Wow, I wonder what it’s like to just do something spontaneously”.  I wanted sometime to be one of the ones that could live on the edge and do something crazy, out of the norm, for the most part I was a sideliner.  The biggest reason is for the most part I always had a conscience that would eat me alive WHY!!! My mother was my first thought that popped into my head, how my parents raised me,   what I wanted to do, and what they expected from me was front line and center.  

My mother was my best friend, my biggest advocate as long as I can remember she was a constant, but gradually as I grew into a young woman, I could feel the grip of her protectiveness loosening and allowing me to make my own choice’s in my life as I had the endurance and strength I had gained from her   love to trust me as I had always trusted her.   As she and I went through this transition together she came to...

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