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Berlin Symphony Essay

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The title is a perfect way to summarize this film. “Berlin Symphony of a Great City” concentrates on the different aspects that make up a city. From the waking of the day to the night life, everything has meaning and purpose. For 1929 this film was very innovative, had strong analogies, and was deliberate in the message that was coming across.
Walter Ruttmann starts off the film with the point of view coming from inside of a passing train. The train by passes everything and it is symbolic of the fast pace city life. At the beginning of the day the city seems lifeless and abandoned. You see papers flying around, closed stores, and a couple of people. The silence of this film makes us ...view middle of the document...

rich and man vs. machine. This allows room for interpretation. Some might interpret it as there is no real difference. Both rich and poor are the same in the primal needs and desires. And both man and machine operate, start and stop. This is more than just a political film. Repetition of the word money in the newspaper shows that it is focusing on the economic side of this ‘great city’.

Ex of poor and rich: eating, when a person buys a necklace and poor woman is begging for money.

Walter Ruttmann starts off “Berlin Symphony of a Great City” with the point of view coming from inside of a passing train. The train by passes everything and it is symbolic of the fast pace city life. At the beginning of the day the city seems lifeless and abandoned. You see papers flying around, closed stores, and a couple of people. The silence of this film makes us focus on the images and the whole concept of a city. Ruttmann also made it so that there was not any one protagonist, so that the view of the city wasn’t bias. He also emphasis’ on many analogies such as poor vs. rich, and allows room for interpretation. As the film continues there is a general feel for how Berlin was in 1927. Throughout the day it gets busier and goes in depth with details. It gets into the industrial revolution as a part of life. It shows the works going to work, at noon when everything stops, and then they go to lunch, back to work, and at the end of the day when they’re finished.

Vertov puts a spin on this city film. Not only does he show a city life in a perspective you can understand, but he also adds himself and...

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