Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Franklin project: Paragraphs

Paragraph 1: Franklin Reflection

Benjamin Franklin’s improvement plan for himself was very substantial for one to commit to. Having thirteen personality traits to flip around at one time is too much for a human to conquer. He must have been a serious go getter. He made a chart and even kept a journal to record his progress. Personally I feel like doing this would be almost impossible. He writes “I wanted to make all these virtues into personal habits, so I tried to master them one at a time”. It’s great to work hard for something, but it’s hard enough changing one thing but changing thirteen things would be non- accomplishable. I remember I tried to change just a few things about me. Just doing that was hard, and it took awhile and sometimes I still mess up. But having ten more things would be too much. ...view middle of the document...

I knew it needed to stop, so like Benjamin Franklin I set myself up with a self improvement plan. Over ten days I would pay attention to what I said and make sure I was refraining from curse words. I set myself up with a chart and a journal to track my progress. My goal was to completely wipe those words off my vocabulary by the tenth day. Benjamin Franklin’s plan consisted of many more feats, while mine was only one.

Paragraph 3: Results

My improvement plan went well for me. Cursing less made me feel more professional, and I got to replace those words with better vocabulary. I tried to follow my plan as well is I could, as noted in my journal I always tried to pay attention to each sentence coming out of my mouth. When I begin this journey I thought it would be an easy self project, but a couple days in I realized it wouldn’t be as easy as a thought. My goal was to completely eliminate curse words by the tenth day. Tragically with two curse words on the last day I did not meet my goal. Still though, there is silver at the end of the tunnel, as I decreased my output of those words by six-hundred percent.

Paragraph 4: Personal Reflection

Ben Franklin’s plan was a fantastic plan, just one that was near impossible to accomplish. Ben Franklin discovered it was very hard to improve himself, as I did too. Over ten days I made drastic improvements to way I express myself. Just like Franklin this was to make myself a better person. Even after ten days I still had not reached my goal of zero curse words. However I believe my goal is reasonably accomplishable. With the barriers on my small improvement plan I couldn’t believe the struggle Franklin was going through. His plan which is possible; is not humanly accomplishable, and I believe would take a life time to master. Over all I believe my experience with my plan showed me how dedicated Ben Franklin was to being the perfect diplomat, and its heart warming to know he did it for the greatest country in the world: the United States of America.

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