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Benetton Group Essay

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Benetton Group is one of many companies that conduct both domestic and global marketing. The company was established in 1965 in Italy. Due to strong marketing campaigns, today the Benetton group products are present in 120 countries around the world. The company's main product is clothing, with four different brands available to customers around the world. With 5,000 stores around the world, Benetton offers high quality merchandise as well as customer services generating a turnover of 1.8 billion euro (Benetton Group, 2006). The merchandise is unique, flexible and innovative.The first marketing campaign that promoted communication was introduced in the 1980s. "Benetton Group's advertising ...view middle of the document...

Benetton decided to include this issue in their marketing ads to create awareness of the current situation and our actions that might have a disastrous effect on future of the primates.The company believes in added value and therefore directs their ads to individuals as opposed to a group of people. Benetton believes that "A company that emphasizes value and chooses to create value is no longer communicating with the consumer but with the individual" (About Benetton, 2006). "Actual consumption is repositioned within the overall context of life. By entering the universe of values, the brand frees the product from the world of merchandise and manufacturing and makes it a social being of its own. By addressing an individual rather than a customer, the brand can identify its target on the basis not of age or income, but of a shared vision of what is important, starting from a set of common values" (About Benetton, 2006).Social responsibility equally important as ethics is also related to the organization's marketing. Ethics plays a crucial role within Benetton's organization. "Benetton has proven a tangible action to the company's commitment to ethical values, with a multi-ethnic approach, respect for the environment and support of human rights" (About Benetton, 2006). Benetton has also social responsibilities. Benetton's marketing campaigns are based on three separate phases, which include the cycle of difference, reality and free speech and right to express it. The cycle of difference phase focuses on creating awareness of looking at people as individuals and not looking at differences between cultures, skin tones or language. As Benetton learned that "dealing with the issue of difference within the process of advertising is not an easy task. Often, an attempt to bring different individuals together can lead to conflict instead of happiness and euphoria" (About Benetton, 2006). The ads that represented religious and political conflicts (the Palestinian and Israeli) brought a lot of negative as well as positive attention. Benetton continues to promote united world as it believes that "All of these conflicts were based on taboos, on the impossibility of co-existence, on a difference that...

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