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Benefits Of The Internet Essay

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English 111 40B
Instructor: Rebecca Faught
13 Feb, 2013
Paper #1
Benefits of the Internet Today
Some people believe that the internet is not as beneficial to learning as picking up a book and reading. Many see the internet as a place to socialize or for fun and games. I disagree with them. In Amy Goldwasser’s argument,” What’s the Matter With Kids Today?” published in the online magazine, Salon, Amy gives her opinion on the subject of the internet. She believes teenagers are interacting with friends on the internet daily; therefore they are reading and writing. Conflicting to what many believe, the internet is more convenient than going to the library; it also keeps us ...view middle of the document...

This proves the internet may be used by everyone in many different ways.
Also the internet does not discriminate. People of all ages are using the internet these days. Older people are also benefiting from the internet. They are using the internet for jobs, they have had for years. If they do not learn to adapt to the changes in technology, they may not be able to keep the jobs. Young children are using computers, as early as elementary school. I have nieces and nephews that know how to use the internet better than I do. They grew up with the internet. This gives children easy access to look up subjects for reports, essays, or anything else they may need to look up for school. I believe this is a good way for children to keep up with technology.
I have seen how far a child can fall behind in school by not using the internet. My husband’s grandmother is raising my 14 year old brother-in-law. She does not believe in the internet and will not allow him to have a computer. I see how he struggles in school and how he is socially awkward. I believe if he had the internet he would make friends and learn how to talk to people. He could also use the internet as a learning experience for a lot of things. If he needed help with a homework assignment he could get on the internet and get help or see examples of how something is done.
As to people believing that the internet is not as beneficial to learning as picking up a book and reading, Doris Lessing agrees. In Doris Lessing’s acceptance speech for the Nobel prize for literature she argues,” a fragmenting culture” in which “young men and women… have read nothing knowing only some specialty or other, for instance, computers.” Lessing also states, “Kids today-we’re telling you! - don’t read, don’t write, don’t care about anything farther in front of them than their iPods. The Internet has seduced a whole generation into its inanities.” (Lessing, Goldwasser 666) Doris Lessig believes that our young people are at a standstill and because of the internet; they are not reading or writing. I for one disagree with Lessig. If we type in a web address we are writing, if we read what we look up we are reading.
In her argument, Amy Goldwasser addresses this issue by writing:
We’re talking about 33 million Americans who are fluent in texting, blogging, IM’ing and constantly amending their profiles on the social networks sites-which on average, 30 of their friends will visit every day, hanging out and writing for 20 minutes or so for each. They’re connected, they’re collaborative, they’re used to writing about themselves. In fact, they choose to write about themselves, on their own time, rather than its being a forced labor when a paper’s due in...

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