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Benefits Of Social Media Essay

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The use of social media by young Australians has become increasingly popular. This essay will show that social media can have many benefits to young Australians by enabling them to engage with peers, the creativeness it brings out and enhanced learning opportunities. Cyber bullying and privacy issues are some of the challenges that can arise with the use of social media.
Firstly Social Networking is becoming more important in schools and universities day after day, because it offers more opportunities of learning and now on teachers take advantage of social networking skills to create discussion forums, videos, class blogs, tutorials etc. Also team -working with students and ...view middle of the document...

Social networking sites allow consumers to communicate with each other and to share their thoughts and ideas about the company’s products. Additionally, social media sites provide consumers with the opportunity to “follow” companies products or services or to “tweet” about their experiences, and give them feedback and customers have the opportunity make discussions and gain trust for the products, thereby creating a more personal connection while building brand loyalty and also a very important benefit that social media provides is the fact of sharing the page and suggested to friends list to view or like. Also Engages customers whatever the company sells, whether a product or a service, it has a customer base that can be engaged through social media. But the manner of engagement is unique because social media has revolutionized the style of business-to-customer communications. Customers no longer want to be talked at. Instead, they are looking for organizations to listen, to appropriately engage, and to respond to them. Social media sites are now used as a version of electronic word of mouth and provide a platform for your consumers to not only speak directly to the company, but also for consumers to communicate with each other, sharing reviews or testimonials about specific products or services. Companies that join social media sites are able to create stronger relationships with their customers and are also able to improve customer service by utilizing social media to address customer service issues.
Although while most interactions are positive, there are increasing reports of these technologies being used to harass and intimidate others. This has...

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