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Benefits Of Hrm Essay

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This essay will focus on the benefits that an effective Human Resource Management strategy can bring to any firm. Basically it will improve the performance of an organization by linking HRM to the strategic aims of a firm, helps to assess HR policies, will bring competitive advantage, brings team-building, helps direct and supervise the performances of the employees and keeps the firm legal.
Strategic HRM is based to the principles of HRM which is basically a management process that is carried out by the existing workforce in an organization. It includes functions such as attracting, selecting, and training, assessing and rewarding the employees and at the same time managing organizational ...view middle of the document...

By creating a link between strategy and HR, it helps the firm to evaluate its existing HR policies and so it assists in substituting unproductive policies with those that offers better employee relations and better working environment this in turns boosts up employee’s moral and they give good outcomes and reduces labor turnover rates.
According to the theorists strategic HR practices directly influence the human capital of a firm which can bring competitive advantage (Delery, 2001). Human capital comes from employees only who are motivated by the correct HR practices. Human resources add value to the firm and cannot be copied by the rivals therefore they are the cause for sustainable competitive advantage (Wright, 1994). Competitive advantage can be gained from training, working and payment security, rewards, recruitment process, practice measurements, high wage and all those activities that fall under HRM.
Other than this, it improves team working. Making a strategy with encourages communication helps employees and all stakeholders to feel that their ideas are given importance and that they are useful to the entrepreneur, thus boosting team spirit in the organization. Also it helps the management to supervise if all the actions are taken on time by the workers to achieve business goals, thus also keeps workers alter that they need to perform well as they are...

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