Benefits Of 3d Printing Essay

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The Benefits of 3D Printing


Attention material: Printable firearms, household objects, medical implants, jewelry, racing-car parts, customized mobile phones, and even printable buildings are only a few of the items that technology has enabled us to create using 3D printers. Printing with materials such as nylon, resins, waxes, photopolymers, and cement, products are being produced to fit our needs in a labor-saving manner as our world becomes more and more advanced.

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Among other things 3D printing saves money. With this form of creating things, the outlook on manufacturing is totally different. 3D printing accomplishes many things through making easily and cheaply replaceable items.
A. This process saves labor.

1. Objects can be printed in a matter of minutes.

2. Work that would take from hours to days can be accomplished in a very short amount of time.

B. Small replacement parts and objects that are no longer made can be designed and printed cheaply.

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III. There are many online store websites that you can order unique things from. 3D printing is evolving to the point where it is becoming possible to 3D print most any kind of object.

A. 3D printing has become easy to the point where people can create their own 3-dimensional images, designing their own unique object that can be printed by anyone. One such website where you can submit your own designs is

B. Easy to buy objects sold by online stores such as,, and Even even has their own 3D printing store.

1. Stores such as that sells 3D printers.

2. Many interesting examples of the advances of 3D printing, such as a cement based house that was 3D printed in sections by a Chinese...

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