Benefits And Challenges Of Flexitime Essay

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In recent years, it has risen to attention that the roles for men and women both in workplace and at home are changing due to the increase in the number of dual-career households and single-parent families (Hammer, Neal, Newsom, Brockwood & Colton, 2005). As a consequence, both human resources (HR) practitioners and researchers recognise the increasing demand of flexible workplace practices, such as flexitime, that can support employee’s work-life balance and reduce the level of work-family stress (Downes & Koekemoer, 2011; Hammer, et al., 2005). Flexitime is generally defined as a work arrangement that allows employees to have flexibility in term of when work is conducted, sometimes ...view middle of the document...

(2008), they also revealed the increase of employee’s productivity contributes to improving organisation’s bottom line (Kronos Australia, 2013). The results of these studies indicate that identifying the elements of productivity and developing effective systems to support the elements are essential for organisations. Recent researches conducted to investigate the impact of flexitime postulate that implementing flexitime raises employee’s productivity because flexible working arrangements reduce the level of stress and anxiety, and enhance the level of energy, concentration, motivation and loyalty (Downes & Koekemoer, 2011; Omotoyo, Abiodum & Fadugba, 2012). Furthermore, Downes and Koekemoer (2011) conducted qualitative interviews to 18 participants and also disclosed that employee’s productivity could be improved by flexitime execution. Giving the flexibility to employees allows them to have greater control over their work arrangements, and thus leads to achieve positive outcomes such as higher engagement and job satisfaction (Downes & Koekemor, 2011). It can be assumed that reducing stress and improving health and well-being might be an initial factor to improve productivity, which link to revenue boost. However, considering Downes and Koekemoer’s (2011) research has a relatively small sample and is not focused on numeric data, the research results may not have high credibility. That being said, Downes and Koekemoer (2011) show employee’s real experiences and narrative stories in real life.
The cost associated with recruitment and training is normally significant in organisations. In concurrence with the second perspective of Kelly et al. (2008), Martinez (1997, as cited in Eaton, 2007) strongly discuss that, since the costs of turnover can be 200 percent of employee’s salary, organisations can reduce business costs by reducing turnover rates. Eldridge and Nisar (2011) and Dancaster (2006) also point out that the flexitime creates a cost effective organisation by lowering turnover because flexitime has an explicit positive impact on employee’s stress and motivation. This discussion again shows the connection between stress and flexitime. As a result of remarkable efforts made by Ernst & Young to have excellent flexible workplace in place for the purpose of reducing work-life stress, they have successfully saved $12 million per annum by reducing turnover (Powers, 2004). Thus, Omotoyo et al. (2012) insist that HR practitioners are expected to develop and implement strong policies and frameworks to shape organisation’s longitudinal prosperity.
From the discussions above, it can be seen that employee’s health, especially related to stress is somehow correlated with employee’s productivity and turnover intention, which affect both company revenue increase and cost reduction. Kelly, et al. (2008) and Hammer, et al. (2005) argue that stress related to work-family conflict has been strongly linked to employee’s health and well-being...

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