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Benchmark Assignment

1543 words - 7 pages

Amorita West

Grand Canyon University SPED-330

July 3, 2015

The case study I selected to write about was number two. The information provided stated the Gabriel is a kindergarten student who has cerebral palsy. He has to use a wheelchair, wear a diaper and uses a feeding tube. Gabriel is nonverbal, however is able to communicate some, and make choices when provided with two options. Gabriel needs to work on grasping things because he has limited strength in his hands.
Cerebral Palsy (CP) “is an umbrella term that refers to a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move” (What is cerebral palsy). “1 in 500 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy” (About CP). Children ...view middle of the document...

Those rights are free appropriate education, least restrictive environment (LRE), supplementary aids and services, and assessment. Under IDEA, it is mandated that students with disabilities are properly educated with general education peers and detaching them from the general education atmosphere should only arise when the severity of a student’s disability restricts them from reasonably succeeding in the general education classroom, yet with supportive assistants and services. Once, a student’s disability has been determine and before receiving the appropriate services the student must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) must be created. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) “is a legally binding document that spells out exactly what special education services the student will receive and why” (Mauro). The Individualized Education Plan requires that the plan is personalized in particular to the student’s special needs. “Goals, modifications, accommodations, personnel, placement, all should be selected, enforced and maintained with the particular needs during the IEP meeting.
One type of placement option is self-contained. “Self-contained classrooms are classrooms specifically designated for children with more serious disabilities who may not be able to participate in general education” (Webster). Unlike customary education classrooms with a large number of students, self-contained classrooms are normally smaller with a smaller amount of students. Designed to facilitate enhanced support for students with special needs or limited impediments, self-contained rooms are commonly made up of approximately ten students with exceptional disabilities who are generally educated by a teacher who has a degree in special education. Another special education placement option is inclusion. Inclusive education is educating all students in age-appropriate general education classes in their neighborhood schools, with high quality instruction, interventions and support so all students can be successful in the core curriculum (Inclusive Education). Recent debates surround how effective is inclusive education for student with disabilities. Unlike traditional classrooms, inclusion classrooms consist of a general and special education teacher. Inclusive classrooms provide students with special needs the support, modifications, and accommodations while learning together with general education students. An additional placement option is resource. Resource occasionally known as withdrawal or pull out is a special education program for students who require special instruction for a segment of the school day.
In my opinion, a self-contained classroom would not be beneficial for Gabriel. Although, Gabriel has several adversities, but with an affective support team he will be able to strive in an inclusion classroom. Gabriel is beginning his education in kindergarten. At this point of his education it is very important that he develop social skills as well as...

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