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Belonging To Community Essay

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The inherent desire to belong is an integral part of the human condition that affects the way in which we view ourselves and others. Experiences of communities often shape personal identity and decisions to belong and not belong. Max Lucado’s picture book ‘You Are Special’, and Harper Lee’s novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ delve into the intricacies of belonging within community. Both texts explore how personal differences can alienate individuals from their community and cause a loss of self-worth. However people often overcome this disconnection to community through experiences of belonging in their own unique identity.

Lucado’s ‘You Are Special’ follows the story of a Wemmick (puppet) ...view middle of the document...

This use of dialogue by Lee symbolises the communal values of Maycomb, and how this act of insubordination has defiled the Finch family name in the eyes of the community. Hence causing a loss of connection to community, decreasing Scout’s sense of self-worth.

‘You Are Special’ explores the notion of people overcoming disconnection to community through experiences of belonging in their own unique identity. This is evident when Punchinello is advised by a puppet named Lucia to go see his creator Eli. Punchinello goes to the home of his creator to ask as to why he was made in such a way to be so different from the other puppets, causing him to be a social outcast. In this scene between Punchinello and his creator Eli, Punchinello is able to experience something that makes him realize that he belongs to himself; his own unique identity. In the dialogue between Eli and Punchinello Lucado reveals the importance of being unique and belonging to self.

‘I don’t care what the other Wemmicks think… and you shouldn’t either.’
This identifies the overcoming of barriers to belonging as Punchinello embraces his own unique identity within the relationship with Eli his creator. The value of resilience is reiterated as Eli urges Punchinello to disregard judgmental temperament of the other puppets.
‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ also explores the notion of experiences of belonging to own unique identity overcoming disconnection to community. Lee exhibits the importance of belonging to self and how it creates a sense of identity and uniqueness....

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