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Some form of transition will always take place for an individual to feel a sense of belonging, whether to a group, to a community or to a society. There is a battle where the thoughts of the individual are torn apart, to allow them to reach a level of understanding and acceptance in order to achieve a sense of belonging together. Influences such as family and culture attribute immensely to allow for an individual to acquire the feeling of belonging together. The protagonist of the novel 'Born Confused' by Tanuja Desai Hidier, Dimple Lala, clearly illustrates that through her transition from an ABCD – American Born Confused Desi, to an ABD – American Born Desi.

Belonging together represents having a common relation to a group of people or a community – and for Dimple, the common relation too ...view middle of the document...

As Dimple embraces her Indian heritage she finds that she “felt like she finally fits into my clothes”. The use of alliteration provides emphasis on how content Dimple feels to accomplish a sense of belonging together with her culture.

Dimple’s strong connection with her grandfather provides another angle for what belonging together means through the influence of family. Continuously sending photographs symbolises the affinity between Dimple and her Grandfather. Though they failed to communicate verbally, they found that through sharing photos they were able to communicate their thoughts, feelings, values and worlds. The emotive language and lengthy descriptions used for the photographs, such as “the crystal blue water contrasted with the white ripples the flow was creating, I could almost feel the calmness one would gain from sitting on the grass under the Indian sunset” demonstrates her appreciation for them. This fundamentally shows her sense of belonging to her Grandfather and family situated back in India.
Belonging together is a feeling that is also triggered by daily rituals with those we hold most dear. Dimple’s Corn Muffin dates with her dad highlight how both of them feel that in their outings they achieve a level of belonging together amongst themselves. “I looked at him lovingly “use of alliteration helps convey the emotions running through Dimple’s mind. Flashbacks throughout the novel of Dimple enjoying herself with her parents exhibit how she always felt a great sense of belonging together with her family. Repetition of the word Rani – princess is used to describe Dimple by her both her parents, showing how much they loves her. Dimple returns the same feelings by learning to understand their perspectives on her life. Through understanding and love, dimple and her parents discover the happiness they accomplished by belonging together.

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