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Belonging Speech

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Good morning staff and students.

Belonging is the ability to feel acceptance and understanding within your personal, cultural and social environment. The concept of belonging varies between people because of their background and beliefs.

My visuals show how we can find a strong sense of belonging through connections to people and places. The visuals also illustrate how barriers can prevent belonging and create a need to belong in a new place with new people.

These ideas are also featured in my chosen texts, ‘Strictly Ballroom,’ a film by Baz Lurhman and ‘My Island Home,’ a song written by Neil Murray about an Aboriginal man called George.

In the film ...view middle of the document...

The repetition of the words “my island home,” creates empathy and allows the audience to realise just how essential belonging is to life.

The lyrics, “Will this place ever satisfy me?” are written on my visual and they express George’s lack of understanding and identity in this foreign desert land. The images of the turtle and the goanna represent the conflict in George’s world. The image of the goanna is dull, whereas the turtle is clearly defined, suggesting clarity of his connection to the sea.

George isn’t able to physically connect with the sea because he has a new life and family in the desert. The cage that the turtle is in represents the barriers that have been imposed on him.

There are also barriers in the film, ‘Strictly Ballroom,’ which hinder Scott’s opportunity to belong to people and places, thereby creating a need to find a new place and people. The barriers in the film are the expectations of Scott, from his mother and Barry Fife, the Dancing Federation president, to dance the steps of the Federation and become a successful ballroom dancer.

Scott feels as if he doesn’t belong because he wants to express himself and therefore chooses to ignore the rules of the Dancing Federation. In the film Scott strips down to his white singlet and black pants to symbolise his need to rid himself of mainstream ballroom dancing.

The words, “You can dance any steps you like, doesn’t mean you’ll win” are...

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