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Belonging Short Story Essay

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I live under the roof of a wolves den. There are two wolves in my house. One is my mother and another is my father. They were like two ferocious wolves after the one animal, fighting, fighting over the one bone, day after day. I felt like I didn’t belong to them. It felt like I was in a different world to them and they really didn’t care for me. I felt very much like an outcast.
Every day that a lived was like a story out of hell. An absolute nightmare. Home is a place where you could run to when you’re in trouble. It just leads me too more trouble. I started calling home, the den. The den was once a peaceful and beautiful place to eat, breathe and sleep but now it’s turned into a ...view middle of the document...

Cathy was the same age as me and nearly the same height, we had so much in common. I would lean on her in times of need when my parents are fighting. I would also go to her when I need a laugh. She is a very likeable girl with a great sense of humour which I enjoyed greatly. Her calming voice and reassurance would make me feel comfortable and her presence alone was enough of a distraction from the other problems in my life.
We became very close, and started to spend a number of hours together each day. She would sit in the available seat next to me and recess and lunch during class. We took long walks talking about rambling about life in general. This was another way of relaxing and forgetting about home life.
As the days got colder as winter approached, people started approaching me. They would say ‘are you ok’, followed by the question of ‘who is your friend’?
I would say back to them ‘oh it’s only Cathy’.
In reply, they would say ‘I don’t see her’. At that point, they would walk away with a puzzled look on their face. Cathy always replied to everyone who approached me. Her radiant presence filled me with awe as she introduced herself to others. I did not care about anyone else’s point of view. I had found the real treasure and I would not let anyone take it away from me. One day I decided to make my feelings heard and felt to the world One day I decided to put my feelings to actions.
The air was sweet and inviting and I felt human. After class, I sat with Cassandra in the school hall and explained my true intentions. As I explained my feeling to her, she smiled and kept precise eye contact with me. When I was finished, she stared at me dead straight in the eyes and exclaimed...

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