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Belonging, Rpf And Immigrant Chronicle Essay

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Compare how different composers have presented the concept of belonging in the texts you have studied this year.
Different composers use a range of language and stylistic techniques of their own to convey their varying perceptions of belonging. Belonging is the feeling of being necessary part of something bigger than yourself, that your absence will be noted.{ A feeling of belonging gives a person an identity, and strength to withstand the vicissitudes of life. }Belonging is an important theme in the selected poems of immigrant chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki and Philip Noyce’s film rabbit proof fence and the related text a song called “My Island Home” written by Neil Murray. These texts show ...view middle of the document...

The exclusive pronoun ‘they’ highlights his separation mentioned as ‘talking they reminisced’. Peter is unable or unwilling to stop the cultural and personal gulf forming between him and Felicks. He is becoming an educated Australian. This is seen in the allusion and metaphor ‘Hadrian’s wall’ that heightens the tension of the battle and growing organic and deliberate distance between them. As you see that the composer has used range of techniques to show how belonging shapes from a surrounding people and the places they feel comfortable with.
We see another example of Peter Skrzynecki not truly belonging in the poem ‘St Patrick’s College’, Through a cliché, Skrzynecki states that his mother only sent him to that school because she wanted to give him “what was best”. Peter is accepted to the school but he always felt different and out of place, “like a foreign tourist”. This simile creates a sense of irony as Skrzynecki is from a foreign background and he may feel isolated at school for this very reason. The use of repetition ‘For eight years’, communicates the lengthy amount of time that his education there seemed to him to be never ending. The mood and sarcastic tone in the phrase “I’d been privileged to wear” suggests that he is worn out and tired as well as when wearing his uniform he has no pride whatsoever. The final stanza of a poem contains information that creates a cohesive tie to the start of the poem. In the first stanza “wanting only what was best” mentioned again at the end of the poem, he questions whether it was “for the best” due to the darkness he endured. In this way the poet creates a structural connection between themes and ideas about belonging within the text. Throughout these two poems we see the poet’s sense of alienation, resentment and ultimate sadness through various language features and poetic techniques.
Throughout Phillip Noyce’s Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly has a strong sense of connection to the land and to her family. At the beginning of the film, there is a tracking aerial shot of the changing Australian landscape and Molly’s voiceover, speaking in her traditional Aboriginal language. As she says, “Our people, the Jigalong people, we were a desert people then, walking all over our land,” the viewer sees her land from above. Presenting the audience with her land and her voice, speaking in the first person possessive, positions the audience to sympathise with her and to value her vital connection to her...

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