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Belonging Essay (The Simple G Ift)

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An Individuals sense of belonging can be enriched or hindered by their interactions with the world around them and others to an immense level. In fact I propose that it may even depend on this!
In the Simple Gift Billy’s sense of belonging is influenced majorly and if not entirely by his friends and the other people around him that he meets. Through becoming friends with Old Bill he is able to find employment and can find belonging through his job and through his sense of duty to take care of Old Bill. Through the money he earns he can improve his lifestyle and this means he is then able to improve his relationship with Caitlin who in turn finds belonging through Billy and Billy’s ...view middle of the document...

When Old Bill is first seen by Billy, Billy treats Old Bill with generosity and respect and because of this Old Bill and kind to Billy and so they can get off to a good start together. Through the symbiotic giving of friendship, mateship and good will a sense of belonging is bestowed within all of the characters and they are able to become happier and more satisfied people, who feel belonging. This acceptance and acknowledgment of the differences in attributes in our: beliefs and being will allow for the people around us (or whoever we show these aspects to) to acknowledge and accept us.
Through finding unity we find belonging, the two go hand in hand.
Fearless features this same ideal through its scenes featuring Moon and the Rice villagers Huo is working with. Through Moon’s understanding and acceptance of Huo’s feelings and situation without even questioning his past, she gives him the generosity and hospitality he needs and more. This kindness and insight is what is needed in order to get Huo to return to working order and be able to return to fulfil his destiny.
Both theses texts repeatedly hint towards this ideal and towards. Through Billy, Old Bill and Caitlin becoming friends and allowing/ helping each other’s sense of belonging they are able to live happier lives. And just as Huo is able to unite all of the practising martial artists in China as well as China as a whole through his incredible skill and meaningful beliefs and sportsmanship: belonging is effectively shown as being ‘one’ with: ourselves, God, the people and the world around us, thus giving us peace...

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