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Belonging Essay

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Belonging is the understanding and acceptance of an individual which makes them feel included. It is through their relationships with people and places combined with their experiences that help them transform their own 'identity'. These essential concepts of belonging are displayed within William Shakespeare's play, As You Like It and in John Lee Hancock's film, The Blind Side; as their intrinsic desire for belonging shape their understanding of their identities and relationships with others.When one lacks meaningful relationships and feels a sense of alienation within a community, their identity often feels lost.This is evident in William Shakespeare's play As You Like It through Orlando, ...view middle of the document...

This melancholy is further evident in the film The Blind Side through Michael Oher, the protagonist. The opening sequence of The Blind Side opens us to Michael's old word as a flashback technique is used. The combination of frame shots exposes us to his hometown, and why he wants to leave this deprived, rundown area. The scene shows a sad, lost and depressed boy walking towards the camera with no direction. The use of a long shot shows Michael's surroundings, as we connect to his life. It shows that Michael is an 'outsider'. Through this sequence we also see a train travelling away from the town. This is symbolic of Michael; moving and escaping his life, in attempt for a new one and maybe a restored identity. Both the play As You Like It and the opening scene of The Blind Side show in a similar way both personas' reasons for leaving their hometown.The lack of relationship both characters have with those around has a negative impact on who they are. Hence both Shakespeare and Hancock emphasise that if one lacks a sense of belonging, their sense of identity is weakened.Antithetically, when one feels a sense of acceptance, their identity strengthens.This is evident in the film 'The Blind Side' through Michael's transition from being an illiterate African American teenager coming from a broken home and family with an impoverished upbringing, searching for a better life.This film has a circular structure as Michael's life changes positively as he becomes part of family and the football team, providing him with shelter, education, safety and love. The narrative device of his adoption by the wealthy Tuohy family is the catalyst for his initial sense of belonging. In a series of visual rather than dialogue driven scenes, Leigh...

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