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Bell Canada Essay

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Bell Canada
For over a hundred years, Bell Canada was a monopoly. However in 1993, the telephone industry was deregulated. Almost overnight, startup companies emerged and quickly gained market share by focusing on highly profitable segments of the long distance market and using newer technologies to reduce costs.
In response to this increased competition, Bell Canada underwent a three year business transformation plan which resulted in cutting its workforce by 15, 000 employees. However, the company may be required to cut more to insure its survival.
The Network Installation Coordinator (NIC) section group has been looked upon as potential source of course savings. ...view middle of the document...

Managers may also be suspicious of Danielle’s motives. They undoubtedly know she was charged with changing the NIC section with the goal of reducing costs.
The division among managers is aided and abetted by the organizational structure. Each NIC is separated by geography and works independently of each other. They have had a free hand to develop local solutions to local problems. There was little incentive to share information among each other.
How can Danielle improve the negative interaction that exists between the NIC’s?
Some of the negative interaction may be the results of people’s fear of putting themselves out of a job. This fear breeds distrust and suspicion. I believe much of the negativity would diminish if people felt they would be rewarded for solving the chronic problems. In the climate of downsizing, the fear of losing a job is a disincentive to cooperation. Therefore, Danielle must articulate her vision for the unit and the benefits and consequences of working as a team to tackle some the chronic problems. Above all, she must be transparent. If the NIC managers don’t trust her, they won’t work together. As Hackman states, a leader must build confidence in her team by being fair, informing members of key issues and demonstrate trust of members.
As a leader she must create conditions in which all members feel comfortable to express their true thoughts, feelings, and judgments. Creating such conditions will lead to more effective problem solving.
What techniques does Danielle use to mold her existing group into a functional team to support the common goals and objectives of the organization?
According to When Teams Work Best, key teamwork factors include openness, supportiveness, action oriented and personal style. Currently her existing group does exhibit any of these factors.
Ironically, under the first section chief, the group was on its way to developing an effective team. Before the team concept could be cemented, the manager was replaced by someone who didn’t value the unit, regardless of its configuration. As a result, there is no longer any group pride and purpose. The mangers have circled the wagons to focus on their own survival rather than the company’s.
To counter this, Danielle must deliver a clear message that the unit has a value. Moreover, she must get across that the company’s survival depends upon their working together. She could follow the advice of Hackman in his Leading Teams by establishing the 5 conditions that will foster team effectiveness- create a real team, set a compelling direction, design an enabling team structure , ensure teams operates within a supportive organizational context and...

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