Beliefs And Practices Of Religions Essay

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Clean water in many ways, India and other countries of the world, affecting the lives of people as well as the lack of clean water is becoming a big problem. The big problem can not solve alone or together with a group, it is a problem which needs to be concerted efforts of people worldwide.
1.Life here on Earth to balance the water save water conservation through various mediums.
2.Safe drinking water on earth and assessment by a smaller percentage, water conservation or water saving initiatives have been very important for all of us. A large source of water pollution caused by industrial waste are daily. Save water in all industrial ...view middle of the document...

Although the Earth is surrounded by approximately 71% water, drinking enough water is very low. The natural cycle of water to balance automatically moves rain and evaporation. However, the problem on earth, which is to create potable water safety and is available in very small quantities. Water conservation is possible with people's good manners.

Why we should save water

Why save water, we should know the answer, first must know the importance of water in our lives, how much water is precious. Without oxygen, water and food, life is not possible. But only the three most important is water. Now the question arises that how much percent pure water exists on earth.

According to statistics, it is estimated that less than 1% of water on Earth is worth drinking. If we remove the drinking water and the proportion of the world population completed, it will have 1 gallon of water every day for more than a billion people live in the world. It is estimated that nearly or more than 3 billion people by 2025, water shortages Jujenge.

People have started to understand the importance of clean water, although're not trying to save water. Saving water is a good habit and to continue life on earth, each must try their best. A few years ago, no one was at the store does not sell water but now has changed a lot and now we can see that the place is selling bottles of purified water. In the East, the first people were surprised to see the water sold in stores, though, for your good health and above Rs 20 per bottle are ready to pay. Clearly, we can feel that in the coming future, more of the world's fresh water will decrease. Below, we have given some facts that you Btayegen how valuable clean water has become for us today:

A lot of people are dying because of water-borne diseases, are more than 4 million.
Because of the lack of clean water and dirty water diseases, developing countries are suffering most.
Newspapers of the day is spent in preparing 300 liters of water, so the news should encourage the distribution of other mediums.
Water-borne diseases due every 15 seconds, a child dies.
Bottle of water used by people all over the world have begun worth $ 60 to $ 80 billion per year.
India, Africa and Asia, people in rural areas, long distances for clean water (about 4 km from the 5kikmik) is required to cover.
In India, more people suffer from water-borne illnesses...

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