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Beliefs And Experiences Essay

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How my values beliefs and personal experiences might affect my working experience

I was bought up in a Muslim country so I have come across different cultures and beliefs, for example, when I came home to the United Kingdom and we had a long drive to the airport we had to leave home earlier than necessary so that we could stop at certain times for the driver to say his prayers.

All service users have their own beliefs and cultures and I would treat each service user individually and respect their beliefs, I would respect their values and beliefs if they were religious and wanted to go to church every Sunday or if they were Muslim to a mosque. I would make enquires to make sure that I was able to take them so they could attend. As a support ...view middle of the document...

I need to observe the environment and if necessary make any changes; I need to and encourage the individual to interact so they don’t become isolated. I would respond to any individual that excludes themselves and encourage them to interact. I would challenge any practice and behavior that discriminates against any individual especially if it doesn’t respect their culture and beliefs; I support individuals to speak out making comments and any complaints they have about the service and practice that I see as discriminatory.
I would support the service users to identify how their life experiences can contribute to activities, and would encourage the individual to join in wherever possible but would never force them it would be their choice. I would try and identify groups with appropriate people and organizations to promote a culture that was the life experience of the service user. Making sure that their views are heard and taken into account making sure as much as possible they’re not stereo typed, prejudiced against or labeled in anyway. I would need to take into account the individuals rights, views, preferences and expectations and how these can be met and what they’re capable of.

I believe everyone has a choice about their needs, cultural upbringing, and religious beliefs, and should be able to voice their opinion in what way they can, my beliefs are put aside to help and support the service users to achieve this and to live as normal life as possible.

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