Being On Time Essay

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********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave Release 1.01 *********

Greetings General!,
If you're reading this you're probably downloaded ShockWave 1.0
This new release fixes all known/fixable errors from the last version, and hopefully doesn't add to many new ones.
If you want to read upon the changes since the last version of the mod you will have to check the "Changelog.txt" document in main package.

***List of content in this package***

ShW101.exe - Installation file
Changelog.txt - Contains a full detailed report of all changes since the last release of the mod
Readme.txt - The file your reading right now


Simply open the file ...view middle of the document...

V.E. - For helping us beta testing and additional Sound Fx
Rayburn - For helping us beta testing
Major Nuker - For helping us beta testing
Keelan85 - For helping us beta testing
Strategia - For helping us beta testing
Cryptkeeper - For helping us beta testing
El Gringo - For helping us beta testing
step2ice - For helping us beta testing
Warthog - For helping us beta testing
Vidar - For helping us beta testing
Shock - For helping us beta testing
Waterflame - For helping us beta testing
Chyros - For helping us beta testing, The Classic Cameo feature
Erik - For helping us beta testing
Sharpenissim - For helping us beta testing
Dutchygamer - For helping us beta testing
Wi-Ta - For helping us beta testing
KamiuK - For helping us beta testing
Alias - For helping us beta testing
WARthog ...

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