Being Like Amelia For A Day

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In 1975, my late husband was a flight instructor at a private aero club in Manila, Philippines. At that time, he would bring foreign business executive as his student pilots and fly them to the different islands in the Philippines. He would take me along during these flights and I would sit on the back seat of a 4-seater single engine planes usually a Beechcraft.
On the way to various islands, my husband would sit on the right front seat, his student would sit on the left front seat, while I seat on the back as an observer passenger. As the flight instructor, he would then teach them how to fly this small single engine ...view middle of the document...

I would then sit on the left front seat where his student would sit and he would sit on the right seat. He would then let me fly the plane myself, and pretend I was one of his students. This makes me feel like Amelia Earhart for the day. Imagine being able to fly over the ocean for several hours as Amelia did flying across the Pacific for several days on her way to Honolulu, Hawaii on one of her long exploration flights.
It is such a wonderful feeling being able to take charge of a plane and fly like a bird across the vast oceans and seeing the horizon. Seeing the beautiful surroundings, vast forest, rivers, lakes and the blue sky covered with big clouds. Flying above the clouds makes you think one is almost near “heaven.”
Being able to make maneuvers - - going up and down by pulling on the yoke of the plane to gain altitude or pushing on the yoke to lose altitude is fabulous. Whoever invented a plane to be able to do such tricks are geniuses. My adrenaline rushes through my entire body over the joy of being able to take off and soar like an eagle.
Amelia Earhart was the first woman pilot who loves to fly. I feel like Amelia every time I get the opportunity when my husband allows me to fly and take charge of the plane on our way back to Manila. I am ecstatic every time he tells me I can go with him on his flights. Even though I do not have my official private pilot license, yet having those flying hours, I still am proud to say I was able to encounter and undergo Ms. Earhart’s joy of flying.

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