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Being An Effective Leader In My Future Career

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Being an effective leader in my future career
Leadership is becoming more and more important in today’s increasingly globalized
and complex world. As an accounting majored student, I may lead my own
accounting team in the future, and thus leadership competency will play a significant
role in my career.
According to the textbook, there are four major categories that may affect leadership
competency, namely intrapersonal, interpersonal, leadership, and business skills. As a
potential leader of my future career, I think the area that I need to improve falls into
the area of interpersonal skills, especially when it comes to communicating with
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In addition, I am always silent when in a group and hardly express my own ideas
unless asked, which may then lead to a disharmonious relationship between me and
my schoolmates. I distributed twenty questionnaires among my classmates asking
their general impression on me. More than three quarters of them describe me as a
quiet and introverted girl, while some of them said I was hard to approach. “The
nature of the relationships between members facilitates or impedes learning behaviors
in organizations”(Carmeli, Brueller & Dutton, 2009). Due to the poor communication
competency, I’m likely to strained the relationship with my teammates and may lose
the support of my colleagues in the future career.
Apart from the facts mentioned above, there is another proof to show my weak
communication competency. Since I’m one of the committee members of English
Club, a student-run club in PolyU, there are more chances for me to apply leadership
skills. To make in-depth analysis of my weakness of leadership, I did a research
among my colleagues asking for their comments towards my leadership performance.
Among the nine committee members, five of them said that I hardly raise my own
opinions at the meetings, two of them said that I’m a bit introverted and two of them
said they couldn’t come up with any comments. I attribute their comments into my
poor communication competency. My working style is to listen to other mates’
discussion and say few words more than “yes” or “no”. Hardly did I join their
discussion and express my own opinions.

Improvement strategies
As my point of view, the root of my poor communication competence is a lack of
confidence. I can’t communicate well because I am not confident in communication.
In order to improve my communicating competence, I need firstly build a strong
self-confidence. Self-confidence not only provides happiness to people but also makes
them more efficient in dealing with work or tasks (Cheng & Furnham, 2002).
According to Benabou & Tirole (2002), I can improve self-confidence by using
psychological hint, namely having faith and telling myself repeatedly that I can
successfully make it. I can also build self-confidence by pushing myself to rise to the

challenges. For example, starting from answering questions in class can be a good
Apart from this, the way to improve communication competence is to chat more.
According to Compton (2004), “Chatting with others is likely to improve one’s
speaking ability...

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