Being A True Believer In God

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Being a True Believer In God
Faith is defined as “complete trust or confidence in something or someone”. So what does it mean to have faith in God and in turn how does this faith make itself present in our everyday lives? These are questions that have been addressed by countless authors and poets of history. To fully invest one’s self into the belief of God and to truly call themselves a believer of God, a person must trust, or have faith, in God’s will, power, and plan. It is this faith that God will provide and protect that proves time and again to be an essential part of being a true believer. Authors like John Steinbeck and Robert Bolt have used this faith as essential themes in their ...view middle of the document...

“Maybe I can preach again. Folks out lonely on the road. Folks with no home to go to. They got to have some kind of home.”. (Steinbeck 435) This is the point of the novel that Steinbeck proves without a doubt that Casey is a true believer in God. For a time he may have left the idea of God behind him, however he returns to it and fully invests himself in what God can do. Casey believes that no matter what position people are in and what they may be going through, God’s love can give them a home. He believes that God has the power to comfort people in their time of need and makes the decision to preach about this power to the migrants he encounters. Through the character of Casey, Steinbeck demonstrates that as a true believer of God, people must trust and have faith that even in the darkest of times God will be there.
The author Robert Bolt’s work A Man For all Seasons illustrates the life of Sir Thomas More and his opposal to the marriage of King Henry of England and Anne Boleyn. King Henry had originally asked for an annulment between his brother and his wife Catherine after his brother’s death so that he may marry Catherine and take the throne. However, after a few years of marriage Catherine becomes barren and is unable to provided Henry with a son. He then asks the church for a second annulment so that he may remarry. Sir Thomas More does not approve of this second annulment and in doing so does not support the king. Thomas trusts completely in God’s will and trusts that if he stands up for what he believes in that God will make...

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