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Being A Homeless Person And The Broader Issue Of Poverty In Society

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American Intercontinental University
Unit 1 Individual Project
SSCI210-1302A-03: Sociology
May 5, 2013

This paper will attempt to explore the sociological imagination of how being unemployed can and foes often have an impact on more that just the person in question. Several groups are affected as well as the individual person.

Sociology is the study of human behavior using conceptual tool and scientific methodology to discover the impact of society on individuals and the causes and consequences of social change. (Editorial B 2012). When we take a look at how the subject of unemployment affects us as individuals we tend to take ...view middle of the document...

The location in Dallas was being closed because of a merger with another company that also had a location in Dallas. Certainly the negations had been in the making for sometime but for the workers who were coming to work daily had not clue that years prior to being laid off someone was aware of the changes about to take place. This is why I feel the reverse happens, the top executives forecast years ahead of time and they are aware that in certain areas they will be letting people go due to decision made in private meeting. What am I saying? Companies realize years prior to laying employees off that they will somehow have an impact on society and the economy, they do this to prevent them from going bankrupt or just to ensure that stockholders are getting a ROI on the investment.
The Connection
When individuals are laid off they start to process how they will handle the situation. The first thing most of them do depending on the terms of the separation – by this I means so times companies offer a severance package- this is money paid out over a period of time to the terminated individual. While this is probably a good number the impact emotional is still dwelling. Some people have developed such a routine that not keeping that schedule they may fall into depression or have anxiety. These people may still get up early in the morning and leave the house just to drive around. Sometime they may even try and get odd jobs at the...

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