Being A Baker Essay

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Wanda Faye Elzie-Williams
DWRI 0093-43500
Professor Dennis
21 February 2014

A Family Affair
Every year in April for 3 days my family and I get together and enjoy the Goode Times Rolle Holiday in Dixie Festival/Picnic in Shreveport, Louisiana. This festival/picnic is a tradition for our families from Texas, California, and New Orleans to enjoy good spicy seafood and Bar-B-Que , dance at the Goods Time Rolle Dance Contest, and have fun riding the big roller coaster at the mini amusement park downtown.
First, the elders aunts and uncles talk trash to each other about how they are growing to shot them out the box on their new and improve BBQ recipes, while firing up the chuck wagon cast iron grills these grills are so huge they can cook all the meats pork, beef, wieners we call them Dogs barking), hot links and downhome smoke sausages and when the meats finished cooking everyone can sit down and eat and pray at the same time. You can smell the smoke ...view middle of the document...

At the party our family dance to Ode School and new school music, the younger generation likes to hear loud rap music and the elders holler at the deejay to turn that loud stuff off and get to the real music. We would have a contest to see which generation had the best dance moves, sing to karaoke, and the big thing was the brick house (big booty girls) contest I would always slip out with the little ones to play on the playground because mine was not the one. We show our pictures of the kids telling story of what they have been doing since we last seen each other new babies would be passed around from arm to arm getting hugs and kisses some good and some not so good to make them cry. The last dance was the family Harlem Shuffle, it was so much fun watching my mom her sisters and aunts do the dance the way they use to do it back in the day.
Finally, you can hear people yelling from way of high on the Ferris Wheel Hey! Or screaming from the big roller coaster telling the attendant to stop the ride so they can get off but they really don’t want to get off. Children pulling onto their parents clothing pointing to the Enterprise coaster asking to ride with their older siblings or asking for cotton candy, caramel-red candy apples. The big roller coaster is my sister and I favorite ride of the park we would start by turning around talking about who is going to be more scared or going to get sick first, Boy! When that coaster get to the top of the rail and drop do that big dip you could hear everyone hollering it felt like you left your upper body at the top and your lower body was still in the car it was so much fun. That coaster was old but it always made us yell to the top of our lungs and it was a great rush going up and down and round and round on those rusty tracks and small cars.
Although, the Goode Times Rolle Festival/Picnic only lasted for 3 days it was my families way of getting together to reminisce and catch up about what has been happening in the year. Eating the spicy seafood and bar-b-que, dancing at the Goode Times Rolle Dance Contest, and riding the big roller coaster in the amusement park. Our families will always get together in April for 3 days to enjoy The Goode times Rolle Festival/ Picnic in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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