Behind The Red Mask Essay

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Prodigal daughter

I have always lived my life with lots of expectations from people around me. I was a consistent an honor student during my elementary and highschool days because of my aspiration of bringing honor to my family. I spent hard time in studying just to attain the honors my parents wanted me to have.
I danced during my high school days, joined school organization and was one of the creams of the crop. A popular student in school because of her intelligence and talent, this is how I’ve known for. I feel conceited. I feel honored. I love the feeling. And I did enjoy that way.
Unquestionably, I have brought great honor to my parents. They were praised anywhere, for having a ...view middle of the document...

Nights never pass without hearing quarrels on the room of my parents. They’ve hurt physically and emotionally. I felt angry to my dad and I pitted my mom. i bear the pain as my hidden tears fell. For many times mom has to commit suicide. As their, I have been the shock-absorber of the situation. I was very affected and I lost my concentration on my studies. My parents did not notice it, but they brought the worst in me. Because of sleepless nights, I went to classes so late. I failed on my exams and I was down on the Honor Roll List.
I look for somebody to blame on. And I did find someone. This caused me to hurt someone’s feeling so bad. I have been the prodigal daughter of the family, a sinner and a mistake. These are all contrast of who I was before.
I entered college, and enrolled to an accredited university. During the first semester, I stilled enjoy being a college student. My friends helped me forget the pain my parents caused me. But, things never easy as that. I may have forgotten some of the pain, but I have never tried to forgive.
I chose to live the pathof being a bad girl and a real prodigal daughter. I was kick out by my first school and with that, I again received the attention of my parents through a painful way because I needed to waste my life before feeling their presence again.
I blamed...

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