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Behavioral Science Essay

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The thinking and creative mind- Behavior Modification Experimental report |
Creating a behaviour using operant conditioning
Creating a behaviour using operant conditioning

The study aims to increase a desired behavior using operant conditioning. The subject of this study is a female American staffy, four years of age and the desired behavior is sitting unasked when entering or leaving a house, when entering a car and before crossing roads. The subject was involved in a three-week study, one week observing the usual behavior and two weeks of reinforcing the desired behavior. The desired behavior was achieved before ...view middle of the document...

To create my desired response I will use positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, negative punishment and positive punishment on a fixed ratio schedule of every time the subject sits when asked only once, or sits unasked at appropriate times.
Positive reinforcement: Adding a stimulus to increase behaviour, such as giving a child ice cream when they eat all their vegetables.
Negative reinforcement: removing a stimulus to increase behaviour, such as not giving students homework if they completed all their work in class.
Positive punishment: Adding a stimulus to decrease behaviour, such as giving a child detention if they misbehave in class.
Negative punishment: removing a stimulus to decrease behaviour, such as taking away a child’s toy if he is snatching.
Fixed ratio: directly associating a behaviour with a constant reward, this can be every time the behaviour happens, or every amount of time the behaviour happens.
Variable ratio**
It is hypothesized that after two weeks of operant conditioning, my dog will sit unasked before using a door, crossing a road or entering a car.

The owner of the subject gave permission for the subject to undergo this conditioning study. The subject was a female American staffy of around 4 years of age. Materials used were twenty-one copies of daily progress sheets and three copies of weekly progress sheets, in which anyone interacting with the subject would fill out.
The first week was to observe the subjects behavior, using no reinforcement or punishment, but seeing how well they act, the subject was asked to sit three times, and it was recorded if she sat without being asked, sat on the first time being asked or did not sit at all.
All throughout the study anyone that came in contact with the subject (taking her on walks, letting her in and out of the house and taking her in a car) were to fill out the daily progress chart. The first week of the study was an observation week: each day anyone coming in contact with the subject would ask her to sit at appropriate times, they would not ask more than three times, and there was no...

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