Behavioral Influences And Leadership Styles Essay

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Behavioral Influences and Leadership Styles

LET1 / Task 2

Task A:
Before determining which style of leadership the current CEO and the two possible successors exhibit, we must first define each of the three types in the given scenario. The first type of leadership we will discuss is a Level 5 leader. A Level 5 Leader is basically selfless, very humble, and believes that by respecting his workers, he will bring out the best in them and bring success to the company. A Level 5 Leader is one that will give credit where the credit is due so to speak and will willingly take the blame for any mishaps or shortcomings instead of pawning off the blame onto his subordinates. The next style ...view middle of the document...

He believes that each employee is solely responsible for each task that they are given. He will reward his employees for any accomplished tasks or goals and he will also punish them for any unfinished tasks or unmet goals. A Transactional Leader is more interested in the end result and success than they are their employees. This type of leader is quick to place blame on anyone, anything or anywhere other than themselves. This can result in his employee’s lack of loyalty and respect for him.
The second candidate is Leader C. Leader C exhibits the characteristics of a Transformational Leader. This type of leader inspires employees to put their best foot forward and instills a sense of pride within them as well as the company. He is a visionary and motivator. He believes in doing what is best for the company in an, ask not what your company can do for you, but what can you do for your company way. Leader C also identifies with his employees and seems to be on their level and does not consider himself above them. He remembers things like birthdays and company anniversaries or major achievements within the company or individual. This helps to make the people feel important and appreciated. His followers will be loyal to him just as they are to...

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