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Behavioral Case Report

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As reverend X, reports he had been touching and caressing girls between the ages of 10 and 16 for more than 20 years. At this time the number of girls is probably more than 50. According to Watson and the radical behaviorism the interpretation of psychopathology refers to ‘abnormal behavior which is maladaptive responding in a particular situation compared to other members of species’. (p. 709)
Therefore, instead the sexual pleasure reverend X gets from his intimate relations, it is socially considered to be unethical. Despite that ‘ normal and abnormal behavior is learned, and necessary and sufficient conditions of learning are found in principles of conditioning’. ...view middle of the document...

The unconditioned stimulus , for him, is the growing breasts, which cause him with sexual desire, which is his automatic response.
Reverend X not only had interactions with girls just happened to come to church but also he took particular interest in activities involving young adolescent girls, such as the local Girl Scout troop. In addition, he subscribed to a series of pedophilic pornographic magazines. According to Clark Hull and his ‘theory of learning and the nature of habits are simply associations between a stimulus and a response’. Reverend X made response that leaded to a goal that alleviates a drive. ‘These responses in themselves become stimuli for further responses and intervene between the stimulus which is his pedophilia and response which is the caressing and touching girl’s breasts’ (p.201).
So, Reverend X , learned to find a variety of ways to satisfy, and reduce his drive for pedophilia.
In addition, he found a way not feel any remorse of his actions. As Bandura states, that self-control is a process that the person is free to activate or deactivate. A given action won’t be uniformly rewarded or punished because the circumstances may change sufficiently or alter self-appraisal. This flexibility is described as a selective activation and disengagement of internal control’ (p.706). The most applied mechanism that Reverend X uses for his actions is called ‘disregard or distortion of consequences’. It means that he can avoid facing the harm he does to the girls, so that the...

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