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Behavioral Aspects Of Project Management Essay

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Organizations are looking for ways to improve processes and products. To be successful in accomplishing quality improvement initiatives the organization must invest in skilled project manger that understand the influence of organizational behavior and culture. Organizational culture can influence the overall success of a project. Sometime a project manager might find it very difficult to align himself into the culture of the organization. Some organizations can take years to adapt to new culture and this can be disadvantageous to the organizations' project development process.In some organizational cultures (culture rather than structure), sharing of resources is not permitted which can ...view middle of the document...

482)Gerry Johnson describes some of the different components that make up a corporate culture. These include the purpose and direction of the company as expressed through the organizational mission, vision, and value statements. Statements of expected ethical standards also shape culture not only because of what they say, but more strongly by whether they are adhered to or not. The culture is also influenced by the power or decision-making structure, the hierarchy and lines of reporting as well as the symbols and icons, the routines and rituals, and the organizational 'stories'. (Johnson, 1988)Ideally, projects are selected because of a compelling linkage with the strategic direction of an organization. This direction is determined by the purpose, goals and outcomes set for the company. For instance, even though financial stability may be an organizational goal for a hospital, the mission of providing care regardless of ability to pay may lead the corporate executives to approve a project to create a prenatal clinic for low income women.Once a project is approved, resources including team members are apportioned to allow the work to begin. The established corporate culture will then influence how decisions are made within the team, how conflict is handled, and the expectations for cooperation, collaboration and support. For example, a cultural norm that does not allow for unresolved conflict will help to ensure that differences of opinion are settled in a respectful and dignified manner. Conversely, if the prevailing culture is one of service to self rather than the common good, where getting ahead means doing so at the expense of others then it is likely that the level of conflict and sabotage on the team will prevent a successful project.The Management Issues News suggests that a corporate culture that does not promote communication and cooperation on some vital aspects of running a project will surely lead to project failure through missed budgetary, time, and quality targets; and will lead to the demoralization of the team. These crucial aspects include appropriately allocating resources to the project, visible and active executive sponsorship, accountability for following established processes, and willingness to be candid when things are not going well (Management Issues News, 2006). Corporate culture clearly impacts the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and teams. The described scenario of being over-budget, behind schedule, and having flagging team morale is likely due to some component of the culture of the organization.Part B - The Role of Project LeadershipAssuming the company had a project with clear objectives and the perfect project team that worked seamlessly together, project leadership may play less of a role in the projects success. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the given scenario. The project is both behind schedule and over budget. Several key team members left in disgust and the morale of the remaining team is...

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