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Behavioral And Social/Cognitive Approaches Essay

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Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits
University of Phoenix
Psychology of Personality

Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits
A changeling habit for keta is impulsive, compulsive, shopping. rketa developed this habit during her teenage years when clothes were important to young people. High school was more of a fashion statement, name brands were important. There may be other family members whose much older and enjoyed dressing and shopping, but no one in the household directly will be the role model for this habit forming. The stamp of approval for Charketa in with this habit is the compliment she receives on the ...view middle of the document...

Spending and shopping extensively as a form of therapy for some, just as a drink is said to be a stress relief. Shop until he or she drop does not mean from exhaustion but from spending every dollar of weekly earning. Shopaholics shop on impulse, no matter what the cost if shopper wants the item will be purchased. Shoppers go to extreme measures to make purchases from borrowing money, or having someone else to make the purchase, opening up new credit cards, taking out loans, and closing out children’s college fund accounts. A known shopaholic will spend several hours at a mall or in stores throughout the week. Leaving work early to go buy special item or shopping online at the job in some cases will satisfy some sensation during work hours. A true shopaholic will skip a meal to continue shopping and many are caught in the stores when the doors are closing.
What a shopaholic will do to curb the bad habit once this has been identified as an addiction, is cut up all the credit cards to ensure he or she will not spend from those particular accounts. A better method is to incorporate different activities into the day. Go out to lunch with a friend; go to the movies with a family member. Looking deeper inside finding new exciting ventures to explore will keep the individual out of shopping centers. Wait for a sale before shopping, or go to the store without any money or checks to window shop for items. Just like an overweight individual to lose weight, this is a process for a shopaholic to stop shopping even after all resources have...

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