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Behavior Reduction Strategies Essay

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Behavior Reduction Strategies
Rose R. Wright
Grand Canyon University
Creating and Managing Engaging Learning Environments
September 23, 2014

Getting students to follow your rules and expectations can be a task. Coming up with different strategies at the beginning of the school year and implementing them in the classroom can be very effective. The author has created a chart that will show different strategies for implementing rules and procedures.

Behavior Reduction Strategies Table
Research topic | Findings | Reference citation |
Strategies used to prevent inappropriate behavior | Be assertive, be aware of how you speak to students, use rewards, create ...view middle of the document...

| Dunskey, K. (2009). Responding to Inappropriate Behavior (Master's thesis, California Baptist University). Retrieved from, M. (2005). Behavior Strategies That Work! Retrieved from |
Strategies used to teach replacement behaviors and reteach appropriate behavior | Explain, demonstrate and model, rehearse/guided practice, perform independently, and review/reteach | Manitoba. (2001). Classroom Behavioural Strategies and Interventions. In Towards inclusion, tapping hidden strengths: Planning for students who are alcohol-affected. Winnipeg: Manitoba Education, and Training. |
Strategies used to reinforce procedures | Reteach the procedure, modify the procedure or consequence, and then reintroduce and use it consistently (Evertson & Emmer, 2013, p. 150). Use stickers or small prizes, and intangible motivators, such as social activities, sensory activities or special privileges (Peters, 2010). | Evertson, C. M., & Emmer, E. T. (2013). Monitoring Student Behavior. In Classroom management for elementary teachers. Boston: Pearson. Peters, L. C. (2010). Reinforcement in the classroom improves student motivation and performance | Virginia Commonwealth University Training and Technical Assistance Center Newsletter. Retrieved from |
Strategies used for enforcing consequences | Call or write home, send student to another room, revoke privileges, move student to another seat, and for lower elementary students, the time-out chair. | Evertson, C. M., & Emmer, E. T. (2013). Monitoring Student Behavior. In Classroom management for elementary teachers. Boston: Pearson. |

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