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Behavior Change Essay

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Behavior Change with Positive and Negative Reinforcements

Vickie Christian, Tiffany Smith, Natasha Butcher, Rochelle Dial

University of Phoenix

There are several forms of operant conditioning that can be used to change a person’s behavior. The four forms are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, and omission training. Positive reinforcement is the use of a stimulus to make a certain behavior response increase. A good example of this would be that when you rub a cat on its back it will make a purring sound; the purring is the positive reinforce. If you want the same results the next time then you must rub it in the same manner.
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Positive reinforcement is defined as and reinforce that is rewarded to a person for taken action. Negative reinforcement is defined as an attempt to increase a particular behavior by removing an unwanted condition. In the next paragraphs I will talk about the distinction between positive and negative reinforcement in children.
Positive reinforcement is a kind of technique used to encourage desirable behavior. Normally this behavior is encouraged in children. The most successful methods of positive reinforcement are the reward based system. Children normally react to this system, if you keep giving children awards for a work well done, than children will most likely to continue to do well in school as well as at home. Children love rewards for a job well done. When children get rewards for doing something positive, you get the children attention and they will focus on repeating that positive behavior. Some positive behaviors in children are, a job well done in school for class work, homework, a project or even for good behavior. At home a positive behavior could be cleaning up their room, as well as household curses and good behavior in the home and out in public.
Sometimes rewards for a positive behavior don’t always work. It doesn’t work because, it is not consistent and with children you always have to be consistent for it to work. As caregivers its hard work, but if you are not consistent or remember to follow through every time, than the reward system loses its value and behaviors may change back to negative one than you are back to square one. There is a website called, it’s free to join. This website is for caregivers and our parents in our community to join and create positive reinforcement for children in the community. Everyone comes up with some type of plan to help increase positive behavior and the chance the behavior will be repeated in the future. Caregivers can now go to this site to develop concept on positive reinforcement. This site help caregivers build children up rather than give up on them. It teaches parents as well as any caregiver to manage their child’s behavior in a positive way. When you talk to children using a positive communication, you will eliminate any negative behavior the child might be having.
Children need to feel love and accepted, than they will have a higher self esteem and promote positive behavior towards adults. Negative reinforcement is a particular behavior that strengthened by consequences. It can be used to shape behavior. Negative reinforcement is also called negative stimuli; this involves getting yelled at, by teachers and parents or even their peers or even disapproving looks from other children. Children who were raised up in a household with negative communication are most likely to have negative behavior in school. Children love positive communication and if all they hear is negative things when communicating, they will start to have negative...

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