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Behavior And Communication Essay

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Starbucks Behavior and Communication
Lani Vinas Bioc
October 1, 2012
Jamie Barmach

Starbucks Behavior and Communication
What comes to person’s mind when someone mentioned the named Starbucks? A friend called and invited to have some coffee with her. Wondered about the aroma of the tasty coffee with whipped cream on the top, a sudden and prompt answered, “Oh yeah, definitely, let us meet at Starbucks after work.”
Starbucks is a well-known coffee shop in the world. They are awarded as “No.1 Best Coffee” by Zagat’s Survey of National Chain Restaurants in 2009-2011. They started in 1971 in Pike Place of Seattle. They have grown so fast that in August 2012 they are closely ...view middle of the document...

Voicemail system is what the Starbucks’ executive uses for companywide communication. They use their website to communicate externally. The Standards of Business Conduct is posted in the company’s website which provides legal compliance and ethical training.
“Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, is trying hard to enact the company value of

providing quality products and great service in response to the financial problems” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012, p. 34) Back in 2010, he closed the stores for three and half hours for retraining the employees because they have not remembered the mission of the company for the customer and that is to offer the high-quality of service.

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