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Beginning Of Computers And Old People

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December 4, 2012

Emotions vs Feelings

Emotions include:
1) Affect (the feeling, subjective)
2) Brain activity in certain areas
3) Body physiology and arousal
4) Facial expression
5) Body language and posture

If it’s not universal around the world, it’s not an emotion. Emotions are applicable to everyone, but feelings are subjective.

Emotion is an automatic, built-in reaction to a stimulus that has evolved as a brain/body response.

Feeling is more complex, involving cognition and thinking.

Both may be conscious or unconscious.

Consciousness – Awareness of the world

Antonio Damasio (married to Hannah Damasio, famous brain imager)
Emotions and consciousness ...view middle of the document...

Micro-expressions can appear and disappear in microseconds.

Lie Detection
The polygraph measures many physiological responses base on the idea that a liar will react physically automatically. This idea has many problems and the polygraph is not a good lie detector.
Guilty Knowledge
A liar has some knowledge other people don’t.
Ask a question indirectly about things related to something that won’t cause nervousness.

Brain Fingerprinting
Based on the idea that brain waves (EEG) can detect lies

ERP – Event Related Potential
Change in brain waves as experience a stimulus
ERP is either a positive (P) or negative (N) change in brain waves that occurs milliseconds after the stimulus is presented.
P300 occurs after a meaningful stimulus
N400 occurs if a person experience an unexpected stimulus


Psychopath – APD – Antisocial Personality Disorder

-Psychopath or Sociopath
-Lacks Conscience
-Harms others with no remorse or guilt

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