Bega School Girl Murders Essay

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The Bega schoolgirl murders relate to the abduction, rape and murder of two New South Wales schoolgirls, sixteen year old Nichole Collins and fourteen year old Lauren Barry, that occurred in Bega, New South Wales on the sixth of October, 1997. The two girls were abducted by Leslie Camilleri and Lindsay Beckett, who subjected them to repeated sexual assaults and rapes on more than five separate occasions whilst they were being driven through New South Wales and Victoria. The two girls were both stabbed and killed in Fiddler's Green Creek in Victoria; the order from Camilleri that was carried out by Beckett (CrimeUncovered, 2013)

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He insisted that he had taken drugs before and during the abduction and murder, and couldn't remember anything that had happened whilst he was in his drug induced stupor. Beckett finally made a full confession to the police, and took the police to where the bodies were then discovered. Camilleri was sentenced to life imprisonment, never to be released, whilst Beckett was sentenced to life imprisonment with a nonparole period of thirty-five years (Crime Uncovered, 2013).

According to Albert Bandura (1969), the social element side of traditional learning theory argues that all people have the ability to learn new behaviours and information through watching other people. This type of learning is described as observational learning, or modelling, and is used to explain a very wide variety of human behaviours. As stated by Bandura, 1969 as cited in Grusec, 1992, "most human behaviour is learned observationally through modelling: from observing others, one forms an idea of how new behaviours are perfumed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action". Reciprocal determinism is the idea that behaviour, environment and person all play a part in determining a person's ability to commit a crime. All three play a factor and directly correlate with each other (Bandura, 1977b).

There are three main concepts within the social learning theory. First is the idea that all people have the ability to learn through observation of others (Bandura, 1969). As indicated the Bobo doll experiment (Bandura et. al, 1963), it was demonstrated that children have the ability to learn and therefore imitate the behaviours that they see in other people, especially adults. For this experiment, an adult acted in a violent manner towards a Bobo doll. Later, when the children were allowed to play in the same room with the Bobo doll, they began to imitate the violent actions that they had observed by the adult previously (Bandura et. al, 1963). There are three basic models to observational learning, the first being of a live model; in which an adult demonstrates the behaviour, the second is a verbal instruction model, which instead involves explanations and descriptions of the behaviour, and the third being a symbolic model, through the use of books, films, online media or television shows, with either a fictional or real model displaying the behaviour (Anderson & Kras, 2007).

The most influential model of observational learning is that of a live model. Camilleri did not meet his birth father until he was thirteen years old. He was born into a family with five other children in New South Wales. A psychiatric report prepared on Camilleri after his arrest stated that there was a pattern of different vandalism and theft charges, which would have been his reaction to his social ostracism (Phillips & Ormiston, 2001). This in turn led to frustration, and due to poor impulse control led then to outbursts in an explosive way of destructive...

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