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Before The Sunset Essay

1342 words - 6 pages

Before the sunset
Opening scene:
Inside; hospital: Psychological Counseling; about 4pm

She standing outside of the door and taking a very deep breath and then walking into there. She will get the result of the mental test which she has done one week ago.
<Pulling up a chair and sitting down, the doctor starting the conversation>:
〖put camera on the top of conversation area, high angle 〗

All right, Miss Sally, for your circumstance at present, I would suggest you to change a job. Working in super market will lead the problem more seriously.

Hmm, well< shortly pause>, I tried, but…all failed. So what’s the problem on me?

I’m so sorry ...view middle of the document...

It is also hard to tell whether this is a boudoir or an express inn, because you can’t find much decoration in this small room. On the wall near the head of bed are there many stickers, which are neatly classified into three columns according to different colors: life, work and others. The last sticker in the column of “others” is eye-catching, which reads “life sucks, please end it.”

She wakes up exactly at 7 am. Instead of going to freshen up, she picks up the pillow and squats on the bed to check whether there is fallen hair. She couldn’t stand any hair on her pillow or bed, let alone other debris. Of course, any lump is not permitted on the made bed. Nothing will be done before the bed is made entirely flat.

She comes to the desk to check whether there is dust by gently wiping her index finger on the surface of the desk and objects on it. Dust is pain in the neck for her. < Extreme close shot; knitting her browns> that is also the reason why she never opens the curtains, because dust is more visible where there is light. Unfortunately, there is dust on every object on the desk. Therefore, a new round of wiping is inevitable. While cleaning pens, books and some texture clear gadgets, she silently counts, “one, two, three, four……”<showing actions only, no face showing)>

Finishing the housework, she finally comes to washbasin to freshen herself up. Turning on the tap, she scrubs the basin by hands, silently counting “one, two, three, four……”. The toothpaste squeezed must be measured by a small ruler, and the length is fixed. Any deviation from the fixed length will lead to the washing away of the toothpaste followed by another squeezing. After freshening up, she walked directly into the kitchen. Breakfast was a glass of milk, and the glass has been washed four times. Even for such a simple breakfast, all the tableware in the kitchen has to be washed. She takes out those neatly arranged dishes, flushes them four times and put them back. <showing actions>

After the trivial things, she goes back to her bedroom. Putting on the clothes hung on the rack, she tries different ways to tie her scarf and choose the simplest way at last: put it around neck without any knot. It is almost 11 am. She hurries to the door with a glimpse of the room, which tells her everything is in right place. < Pan shot around the room> Closing the door, she leaves. Seconds later, the door is opened, and she walks back to the center of the carpet, picks up a tiny scrap of paper and turns to leave.

Fifth scene
Inside, Café shop, around 2pm,

She walks into a café,...

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