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Becoming A Police Officer: Hiring, Recruitment And Training

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Education is also essential, expecting officers to have a high school diploma or GED. Others require a 4-year Bachelor’s or a certain number of college credits. Is some cases, you receive a higher pay scale if you obtain a higher degree. This is also helpful when seeking a promotion or a specialized assignment. A valid driver’s license is required, considering you are out on patrol. The applicants driving history will also be important, but we will address that down the road. If an applicant can meet these basic standards, a standard application and prescreening questionnaire are submitted to gauge eligibility. Based on a review of this material, candidates are invited to take a written exam.

Area Two: Written Test.

Once an initial application has been submitted, an applicant takes a written P.O.S.T (Peace Officer Standards and Training) exam. This test is a general assessment of aptitude and currently does not require knowledge regarding law enforcement. This exam encompasses reading comprehension, problem solving, judgment skills, vocabulary and writing skills (CHP). P.O.S.T offers study guides for applicants to review and study before the test is given. These guides are available for free on their website (POST). If an applicant passes with a minimum T-Score, the grading scale imposed by POST, they they will be invited to take the physical ability test (PAT).

Area Three: Physical Agility Test (PAT)

Working in any law enforcement agency can be very physically demanding. At this point, all applicants can be ready and aware of this next step. The California Highway Patrol has a very particular test in which I will highlight. In preparation, applicants should always make sure to not consume any alcohol, get a good night’s rest and not engage in heavy lifting prior. The minimum standards required to be a CHP officer are as follows: one and a half mile run (13 minutes 36 seconds for men, 15 minutes 57 seconds for females), three hundred meter run (69.8 seconds for men, 79.9 seconds for woman), 35 sit-ups for men and 25 sit-ups for woman (in one minute), 24 push-ups for men and 19 for women (one minute) (CHP. Each portion of the PAT is Pass/Fail and each person must pass each of the four portions to complete the PAT (CHP). Cardio-respiratory and a physical fitness program are recommended for each applicant to ensure proper conditioning prior to testing.

Area Four: Qualifications Appraisal Panel Interview (QAP)

The purpose of the QAP (also known as the oral board interview) is for members of the hiring committee (usually promoted ranking law enforcement officers and human resources department) to meet and talk with the candidate to gauge their understanding of the position and so they can be evaluated on a number of points. The first point you are evaluated on is your general appearance and demeanor. The applicant should wear clothing appropriate for a business interview. Dress should be conservative and color coordinated....

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