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Becoming A Leader Essay

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Becoming a leader
Professional Development

Nowadays, the business segment in society is growing quickly, and along with this growth comes the need for more leaders to manage and lead the developing companies. Effective leadership is the foundation for any business. Developing behaviors, forming strategic planning, overcoming difficulties, and motivating and inspiring employees are main components of effective leadership. This paper demonstrates the aspect of effective leadership and how to become a great leader for a successful company.

Since the beginning of time, leadership has been a requirement of society. Effective leadership is necessary, a main component for the ...view middle of the document...

A leader contributes to the corporation and interconnection of a group. Different to what most people think; true leadership is not all about power or harassing people or leading them using terror. It is about inspiring people towards the corporation’s objective through the maximum application of its capabilities. True leaders do not stand behind a group to hide and give command; they put themselves in front of the group as they facilitate progress and assist the group to overcome any obstacles.
The leader must go through hard work to achieve power and influence in any corporation. If a leader cannot influence the behaviors and working ethics of team members, he or she will not be followed or respected, therefore, he or she is not meant to become a leader. To become an effective leader, one has to have true followers who respect and support the leader. To have true followers, the development of relationships is required, the more serious the relationships, the greater the potential for leadership.
A leader should possess these managerial skills: technical, human relations and conceptual. The technical skills relate to the knowledge and expertise in performing managerial duties and responsibilities. The human relations skill deals with the ability of managers to fit in and control a group of people appropriately. The ability to take a total systems approach by relating the goals and activities of one's department to other departments and the organization as a whole is the conceptual skill. Leadership and motivation are interrelated. By understanding motivation, leader can appreciate better what people really want and how they reach their goal. With the ability to motivate others, good leader is passionate about their vision and it is this passion which enables them to communicate their vision to others. A leader must have the ability to visualize how his decisions affect others and how his group is affected by the decisions of others. A leader must recognize and understand the vision of the organization and a good sense of hierarchy, knowing the corporation's goals and objectives. Good leaders are also keep working and learning to improve their managerial skills.
Having great interpersonal communication skills is a very important part of being a good team leader. Being a team leader does not mean that one stands by himself, the true meaning of being a leader is to get along with all of the team members because this is a crucial part of interpersonal skills (Tait, 1996). Leader has to know how to relate group members and be open to their perceptions. How one cooperates with his team will define how effective the team will be and how good and thoughtful the team leader is. Team leader supposes to treat each and every team member with the respect that they deserve. Robert Morehouse stated that “In addition to respect, having and communicating high expectations of the team is one of the most important ways to demonstrate leadership (Business...

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