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Bean Discrimination Experiment For Reproduction Of Bean Beetles

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Bean Discrimination Experiment for Reproduction of Bean Beetles

Michele Ramsey
Lynette Hauser
BIO 102. L08P

I. Introduction

Bean beetles, also known as Callosobruchus maculatus are pest insects that originated from the regions of Africa, Asia and through the tropical world. These bean beetles do not require water or food in their short life span but instead spend their time mating and reproducing. In the female’s reproduction cycle, bean beetles lay their single fertilized eggs on the surface of beans which helped them adapted the name bean beetles. When these beetles lay the eggs, they are firmly glued on the surface these beans that ensure they are ...view middle of the document...

This experiment was started on a Wednesday afternoon in a science lab where there was all of the appropriate equipment to start with. Gloves and lab coats are optional but not required. The mandatory equipment and elements for this procedure requires- four bean beetles (two males and two females), 8 lima beans, 8 mung beans, 8 black beans, a petri dish, a paint brush and an incubator. Start by putting all of the beans into one petri dish; if necessary be sure that all 8 of the three kinds are in. If using another container containing the beetles, use the paintbrush to maneuver the beetles around until the two females and the two males that are needed are found. Also, the paint brush can be used to allow the beetles to friend the path into the petri dish. Once the beans beetles are in the petri dish with the beans, take a moment to observe the interaction between the beetles and if needed, manipulate the beetles by using the paint brush to push them around. Afterwards, put the lid onto the petri dish and place into the incubator that is plugged in and turned on for a week. If it is a group activity, be sure to put labels being that later, the petri dishes can be identified.
​​A week following the day of your experiment, take the petri dish containing the beans and beetles from the incubator and place at an observing station. Begin with removing the lab and examine the elements in the petri dish to notice if there is any changes. Separate the different types of beans and count the white specks on each bean of one set. These white specks are the eggs laid by the female bean beetles. After the eggs has been calculated on one set, record the data and repeat the steps for the other two steps in this process. Then calculate all of your results.

IIII. Results

Table 1:

Types of Beans
Mung Beans
Black Beans
Lima Beans

The female bean beetles were presented with three types of beans: mung beans, black beans and lima beans. Although the beans beetles laid eggs on the surfaces of the three overall, observation showed that one of the three beans had a larger portion of the eggs than the other two beans.

After conducting this experiment, based on observation of the outcome, it visually showed that mung beans appeared to have whiter speck on the surface of the beans than the other two beans. The beans beetles were allowed a week to reproduce and plant their eggs on the surface of the beans. Counting the eggs on the surface of all three beans-...

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