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Beach Burial And Disabled Essay

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Poetry allows one’s imagination or experiences to be expressed through words or language choices. During the wartimes, poetry was extremely popular as people were able to express their thoughts on war through words. War poetry often delivers a sombre reminder to the sacrifice that comes along with wars, and that it is meaningless and wasteful of people’s lives. Wars are often portrayed as futile events that affect people both physically and emotionally. The poems ‘Beach Burial’ by Kenneth Slessor and ‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen share the same subject matter of war and consists of both similar and different ideas. ‘Beach Burial’ reflects mainly the futility of war and ‘Disabled’ describes a ...view middle of the document...

The use of personification suggests one’s inability to cope with such distressing situations. These techniques strongly suggest that war was a meaningless and unfortunate event. From this, it can be seen that an audience will personally feel that war is a devastating event that affects the lives of many in a negative way.
Similarly in the poem of ‘Disabled’, written by Wilfred Owen, the idea that war is meaningless is portrayed throughout the poem. The readers are first introduced to a disabled man who appears to be very ill, as shown in the lines of “his ghastly suit of grey”. The alliteration of “ghastly” and “grey” emphasises the man’s condition. This line in particular suggests that war was an event that had profound physical effects on those who were involved. The man in the poem had “lost his colour” as a result of the war. He reminisces over his past, and is brought back to reality when he realises that he could never get back what he once had. Owen incorporates imagery into the line of “all of them touch him like some queer disease”, expressing the man’s view of himself. The man feels that his disability repels people, specifically women, and he regrets his choice of entering the war. I personally feel that although the man’s choice of entering the war was not as patriotic as it seemed, it is pitiful that he had given up on life at such a young age. Through the use of these poetic devices, it can be determined that war is a meaningless event that affects one both physically and emotionally.
Other than the meaningless of war, ‘Beach Burial’ casts a harsh light on the loss of innocent lives. The use of personification in the line of “sob and clubbing of the gunfire” suggests that the war zone is mourning itself for the dead men. Slessor writes about the sailors’ loss of identity in war, and how pitiful it was for the sailors to not even receive a proper burial. The word ‘humbly’ in the first line of the poem applies to the dead sailors, symbolising how small and fragile they are after losing all of their strength and pride to war. The last stanza of the poem illustrates the poet’s attitude towards war, that the sacrifice of innocent lives is a waste. It is bluntly pointed out that death does not care about the sailors’ sacrifice, joining them all together regardless of the side that they fought for. The final line of the poem, “enlisted on the other front”, is an allusive metaphor for the...

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