Be The Man Or Work Fo Him

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Being the Man or Working for Him

Be the Man or Work for Him
I’ve been on both sides of the track. I can tell you that there are days that I miss owning my own business and there are days that I can’t believe that I would ever consider doing it again. There are many plusses to working for someone else; however, there are many benefits of being self-employed and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them both. For the last six-plus years, I have been fortunate enough to work for one of the finest employers in my area. Fifteen years prior to that I took pride in owning several of the finest businesses in my area.
We all need to make a living that makes us happy. Job satisfaction directly affects our ...view middle of the document...

Nobody sells you like you can and so a large amount of time is needed to prepare for this. Hours of research and development of your products or services is required along with putting together a team of personnel that will support your effort as strongly as you do. There are no set hours of operation during this time. Your mind is always working and ideas moments are continuous and so much of your waking moments and sometimes sleeping ones are polluted with thoughts of your business. This period can last for a couple of months to a couple of years as your business grows and develops. Additionally, once the concept is established there is constant improvement and change that must occur to remain competitive and cutting edge with your goods or services.
Progressing from the initial start-up things tend to relax a bit and a more normal way of life enters the picture. Routine day to day things are formed and if the initial start-up went well and the bugs were worked out early, things can be maintained and new and exciting ideas can be researched and developed. It is important to remember at this phase that your time is not free to do what you want when you want and how you want. The business is a living and breathing thing that requires your attention when it needs it and not when you feel like it. Remember, you are THE MAN. Everything about your business starts and ends with you. A failure is not only a business failure; it’s your failure too.
Finally, I will say that the plus of being THE MAN is that there is some flexibility with respect to work hours and that when you are your own boss you can come and go as you please but don’t mistake this statement as being able to come and go as you please without working. There are specific things that must be done each and every day, week and year and while scheduling your time with some flexibility to do some other things, it is wise to remember that the work does not go away and it must be attended to at some time.
Working for THE MAN:
When an employer makes the decision to hire you to work for them, depending on what you are hired to do, there is a set schedule that you are hired to work and set times that you are required to be at your place of employment. While your employer may permit some minor flexibility to your work schedule, there is a set number of days and hours that you must be attentive. These hours may be a steady shift or a rotating shift but the great thing about them is that they are set. You come in to work at a certain time and you are able to leave at a certain time. There are guaranteed days off and there is the possibility for extra compensation for time spent over and above the scheduled work time that has been assigned to you.
Sounds great huh? I would agree for the most part. The exception to this is when it is a beautiful sunny day outside and a round of golf would be a great thing to enjoy in the middle of the morning and early afternoon. How about...

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