Bd Case Study

9670 words - 39 pages

Developing & Implementing a Measurable
Strategic Performance Management Framework
and Automated Balanced Scorecard
in a Medical Devices Company


Implementation Case Study
Becton Dickinson ANZ


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Executive Summary 1
Subject Organisation 1
Organisation Contact 1
Critical Issues 1
Problems 1
Project Objectives 2
Solution 2
Results 2
Detailed Case Study 3
Background Briefing 3
Solving the Business Challenges 3
Commoditisation of products and markets 3
Identifying and monetising sources of business 4
Focus on the key segment interfaces 4
Beyond the next Budget 4
Tuning up the Revenue Engine 4
Standing back to look at the forest 4
Tool sets 4
Determining the Value Proposition per segment and portfolio 4
Walking a mile in the customers shoes 5
Developing a Framework for Strategy… 5
…And for Managing Strategy 5
Measures, Targets and Comparators 5
Range of measures 5
How many indicators are there? 6
…Enough to ensure success! 6
Manage like an airline pilot 6
PulseSuite™ - keeping a finger on BD’s pulse 6
Strategy Map Inventory 7
Further Case Study Content 8
To be developed: 8
Quantitative Results 8
Appendix 1 9
BD Australia SBU Workshops – Summary Outputs 9
BD Medical 9
BD Biosciences 9
BD Diagnostics 9
Workshop Series Summary 10
Methodology 10
Previous Workshop Outputs 11
Workshop Mantras 11
BD Medical 12
BDM Strategic Initiatives (from SWOT & PEST) 14
BD Medical Strategy Maps 15
Divisional Umbrella Map 15
Safety & Infection Control 16
Medication Delivery 17
Diabetes 18
BDM Strategy Metadata 19
Safety & Infection Control 19
BDM Strategy Measures 22
BDM Divisional 22
Safety & Infection Control 24
Medication Delivery 26
Diabetes Care 28
BD Biosciences 31
BDB Strategic Initiative Development from SWOT – Strength-based 31
BDB Strategic Initiative Development from SWOT – Weakness-based 33
BDB PEST Analysis – Research Segments 34
BDB PEST Analysis – Clinical Segments 36
BDB Product/Marketing Segments 37
Market Segmentation – Budgeted Sales Revenue Values by WWB and Segment 37
BDB Strategy Maps 38
Instrument Strategy 38
Discovery Labware 39
Clinical Reagents 40
Research Reagents 41
BDB Strategy Metadata 42
Instruments 42
Discovery Labware 46
Clinical Reagents 49
Research Reagents 52
BDB Strategic Measures 55
Instruments 55
Discovery Labware (TBC) 58
Clinical Reagents 60
Research Reagents 63
BD Diagnostics 66
BDD Strategies from SWOT – Strength-based 66
BDD Strategies from SWOT – Weakness-based 67
BDD PEST Analysis 69
BDD Market Segments- PAS 70
BDD Market Segments - Diagnostic Systems 72
BDD Strategy Maps 74
Vacutainer Strategy 74
Capillary Collection 76
Core Industrial Strategy 77
Safety Strategy 78
BDD Strategy Metadata 79
Vacutainer 79
Instrument 82
Capillary 85
Core Industrial 87
Safety 90
BDD Strategic Measures 92
Vacutainer 92

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