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G’day class, my name is Campbell and that guys’ name is Campbell and today we will be presenting to you a ‘Mrs Gutteridge standard’ induction of the sub-topic of Conflict of Teams, under the Organisation and Work Teams Unit, which I hope all of you know what I’m talking about. As you know, Mrs Gutteridges’ standard is a little hard to live up to, but we will try our very best to inform you with the importance of understanding what is involved in this interesting topic. So ladies and gentlemen please sit back and listen as we take you on a journey fulfilled with learning and excitement. Take it a way Cameron.

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Airing differences assertively and respectfully can assist in increasing the cohesiveness of the team simply by the interest and energy that accompanies it. It also helps if members are aware of indicators, such as body language, dismissive responses, lack of responses to ideas, and aggressive communication. This enables them to address possible difficult situations before they escalate. If a member is experiencing anger or anxiety as a result of strongly differing opinions, the problem should be discussed with the person or people concerned as soon as it arises, rather than letting their emotions simmer and grow until the next meeting.

Does anyone know what processes can assist members in resolving the issue?
* Remain calm
* Do not take any criticism personally
* Focus on the words rather than the emotions
* Use ‘I’ statements
* ‘Hear’ and ‘understand’ what the other is saying, even though you may not agree
* Clarify what the other person is saying

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