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Bcom275 Knowing Your Audience Paper

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Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
Danielle McGee


San Jose mine is a small copper operation owned by Minera San Esteban Primera located in northern Chile. In the past, Minera has been questioned by local organizations about safety records regarding fatal accidents and after a fatal accident in 2007 the mine was closed, but reopened a year later in 2008 for unknown reasons. On August 5th 2010, a mine structure collapse incident occurred at San Jose mine; the incident left 33 workers trapped underground at a depth of approximately 300 meters. Rescuers appeared at the site to drill holes in attempt to locate the trapped workers; with ...view middle of the document...

For example, if the sender and receiver are in a romantic relationship the communication space between the two of them will most likely be extremely close; having a large amount distance between the two can be viewed as unwanted or having little interest creating negativity and ineffective communication. Posture refers to the way the sender and receiver sit and stand while communicating. For example, if the receiver has his or her back turned to the sender during communication the sender will receive his response negatively as wanting nothing to do with the message he or she is trying to relate causing ineffective communication between the two. Facial expressions refer to the movements your face makes during communication. There are several facial expressions used as a form of demonstrative communication such as smiling, frowning, tightening your forehead, or pouting. Based on the topic of communication, smiling can be viewed positively causing effective communication. Emotion refers to how the sender and receiver are feeling or what mood they’re in during communication; emotions are usually expressed through facial expressions. For example, a person feeling pain and sorrow might show those emotions by crying. Depending upon the topic of conversation sorrow can be presented as positive or negative; if the sender is communicating a message about a family death or tragedy that occurred the receivers’ response of emotion to cry could be received from the sender as a positive reaction and effective communication. Tone of voice refers to the way the words being communicated are said. The tone in a persons’ voice can be used in many ways and often how a communicator uses his or her voice/tone sets the “tone” for the effectiveness of the communication. If a communicator’s tone of voice is calm and soothing the communication will, most likely, be positive and effective. Personal style refers to the appearance of the communicators; appearance includes body type, smell, hair, body art/decorations such as tattoos and jewelry, skin color, etc. In today’s society many people cannot look past a person’s physical attributes and will base the effectiveness of the communication on his or her physical attributes. Lastly, touch refers to how people psychically communicate with one another; touch can be a handshake, playful tap, comforting someone by wiping their tears away, holding someone’s hand, etc.
Listening and Respondent Skills

Demonstrative communication requires extensive listening and respondent skills. During communication, it is easy for communicators to “hear” a message but not “listen” to the message and comprehend or understand the information being presented. Many communicators, both sender and...

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