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Bcom 275 Wk 2 Assignment

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Week 2 Assignment: Demonstrative Communication Paper
Karin Krause
January 17, 2013
Richard Orono
Demonstrative Communication

Communication could best be explained as the passing of information, ideas or messages between senders and receivers. While seemingly a straight-forward process on paper, the skill to communicating effectively is complicated due to multiple messages which are conveyed in methods other than the spoken word. The reality of communication is people convey messages with everything from eye contact and body movement to facial expressions and vocal tone when communicating. In fact, according to Mehrabian (1981), ...view middle of the document...

As they are walking toward the office, one person, an assistant editor, begins casually discussing an issue with meeting deadlines for the monthly publication. During the conversation, she noticed one of the journalist crossing her arms, giving brief responses, and starting to walk faster. Initially, the nonverbal exchange could be interpreted negatively with the assistant editor growing irritated and feeling not heard due to interpreting the journalist’s actions as avoidance techniques. The reality of the situation was actually quite different. The journalist was so distracted by the fact she was cold that she neglected to truly attend the conversation. However, due to communication failure on the journalist’s part, that she was physically uncomfortable, the journalist will now need to explain the unintentional rude behavior and let the assistant editor know there was no intent to ignore the conversation. While unintentional, both receiver and sender experienced an ineffective and negative message transfer. A couple of small changes to improve communication efforts would have made this scenario a lot smoother.
In fact, several steps can be utilized to improve communication, beginning with an actual desire to change or improve communication efforts. Next, determine whether there are any existing communication barriers. Then, make a resolution to actively listen, not just hear. The reality is that most people can hear, however, listening is a talent that must be practiced. In addition to resolving to listen better, both communicators need to be able to correctly identify and interpret nonverbal messages. Finally, realize communication improvements do not happen immediately. This is ability needs regular practice to see improvements. (“Communication,” 1998)
When considering other ways to improve communication techniques,...

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