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Bcom 275 Week 3 Article Rebuttal

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Article Rebuttal

Kao Saechao


February 9th, 2015
Dr. Sharla Walker

Article Rebuttal

Vaccination in children has been a touchy topic for today’s society. Do I vaccinate my child and risk life-changing diseases or do I not vaccinate my child and run the risk of other children catching diseases? On one hand, there are parents who decide not to vaccinate their children for the fear of long-term diseases such as Autism and other contaminates. And on another hand, there are parents who whole heartedly in vaccinations for their children. In an article, by S. Edmonson, the author believes that all vaccines are contaminated with diseases. The author believes as such ...view middle of the document...

With the instant access of information, one may gather that this idea of non-vaccination has stemmed from Dr. Andrew Wakefield; who published an article linking Autism with the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine. After the publication of this article, there were drops in both Britain and the United States in child vaccination. However serious this article may be, it can be considered flawed since his pool of subjects consisted of only twelve children; a number so low and inconsistent of typical experiments.
The Numbers
There are serious claims made by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, that there have been serious and “horrifying side effects from vaccinations such as autism”. There are those who would like to cite these claims, however, there have only been approximately 3,500 substantiated claims in the past 25 years of the programs existence. This number only equates to about 145 people a year; in which did not develop long-term disorders. Assuming that only two billion vaccinations have been administered from 2006 and 2012, it only equates to a person only having a 0.00005% chance of contracting a reaction that is life-threatening.
Although there are those who believe that vaccinations only lead to life-altering illnesses, it certainly isn’t true. Yes, indeed vaccinations are “contaminated”, but only due to the...

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